Heavy winds on Tuesday blew down a house under construction at  the corner of Jarvis Avenue and Beach 7 Street in Far Rockaway, also knocking down an adjacent house that was also under construction.

Neighbor Israel Schreiber and his son take a look at the collapse as a reporter does a stand-up in front of the home.

The two homes were completely destroyed.  Because they were under construction, there were no injuries.

On Tuesday, at about 10:46 a.m., Israel Schreiber was working in his home office on Jarvis Avenue and Beach 7 Street in Far Rockaway when he felt a particularly heavy wind gust move through his home, part of the windy, snowy, icy day as a major storm swept over the peninsula.

Schreiber said that he heard a loud noise, something like thunder. His son thought that a large truck had driven by so close that his bed shook.

Schreiber and his son went outside to take a look and found that a neighboring home, not yet with a designated address under construction for more than a year, collapsed in the strong wind and then knocked over the next house, also under construction totaling both of the million dollar homes.

Police and fire units responded, as did many media outlets who were looking for strong storm stories that day.

Officials at the national weather service said that gusts of up to 65 miles per hour were being experienced on the peninsula at that time.

Schreiber told onrockaway.com that the builder had put up ten homes. Eight were sold and occupied. The two that collapsed were not yet sold, he said.

The collapse site is a block north of Seagirt Boulevard.

There were no reported injuries in the collapse.