Rape locaton

A man was arrested last week for the vicious attack on a woman in front of the Social Security building on Beach 113 Street and Rockaway Beach Boulevard on July 17. He claims it was a sex for money incident that went bad.

Police say they have arrested the man wanted for the violent assault of a woman in front of the Social Security office at 113-06 Rockaway Beach Boulevard on July 17.

Court records identify him as Isiah Nelson, 24, of Rockaway. Nelson says that the incident was not a rape, but a sexual act for money that went bad. Court documents, however show his DNA in a rape kit that was taken from the victim shortly after she arrived at the hospital.

Nelson has been arraigned in Queens Criminal Court on charges of Assault in the second degree and Assault in the third degree. Second degree assault calls for intent to cause serious bodily injury while third degree assault calls for intent to cause bodily injury.

According to court records sworn to by Detective Philmore Angol of the Queens Special Victims Squad, the unidentified victim said that she was in a local bar with a male acquaintance and that the last thing she remembers that night was taking a drink from her companion and walking down Rockaway Beach Boulevard with him.

The next thing she remembers, she told Angol, was waking up in the hospital with bleeding in her brain, a fractured orbital socket, and swelling and bruising to her face and with three missing teeth.

Angol testified that a rape kit was taken at the time that the victim was admitted to Jamaica Hospital. The semen found in the rape kit was the same as the DNA profile for Nelson, which was in the data bank of the state’s Department of Criminal Justice Services.

Nelson said that he was drunk and high and with the victim when he “solicited her for oral sex.”

He said that he had only $17 in his pocket, so they walked to an ATM and then to an alleyway for the sex.

He told Angol that the victim put her hand in his pocket, as if to take his money, and he felt threatened, so he beat her up.

 A man walking on Rockaway Beach Boulevard at about 4:30 a.m. on the morning of the incident saw a woman propped up against the wall in front of the Social Security Office, 113-06 Rockaway Beach Boulevard.

The man did not have a cell phone, and he flagged down a passing cabbie, who called the 911 emergency phone system.

Responding patrol officers from the 100 Precinct found the unidentified victim with lacerations to her face and her pants down over her ankles. Police sources say that she was semi-conscious and could not tell officers what had happened to her or who had accosted and raped her.

Angol said in court papers provided by Queens District Attorney Richard Brown that he had reviewed surveillance videos from the area and saw the victim and observed the victim staggering along the street with her leggings torn around her ankles and her shirt ripped to pieces.

Nelson is being held for his next court date later this month.