When multiple shots were fired nearby 71-15 Beach Channel Drive on Sunday, the call was made to the 911 system by a machine designed to hear shots and report them.

It was a “shots fired” call with a difference.

In the great majority of incidents, the call comes from residents who heard the shots and call the 911 emergency system. The more the calls, the faster the cops react.

On Sunday, March 26, at approx. 1:14 a.m., however, there was an activation of the ShotSpotter system.

It “heard” the shots and alerted 911 that there were shots fired in the vicinity of 71-15 Beach Channel Drive.

Responding patrol officers found numerous shell casings at the scene. There were no injuries and minor property damage was reported.

A level one mobilization was called, bringing dozens of police officers from the Strategic Response Group to the scene. All of the nearby hospitals were canvassed to see if a victim could be found, but to no avail.

Detectives from the 100 Precinct Squad are investigating.

Anyone with information in the above incident, please call our Precinct Detective Squad at 718-318-4223 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.