Whitney Aycock in his pizza restaurant, Whit’s End on Rockaway Beach Boulevard. Cops say they spotted a marijuana plant in the back room and that Aycock added to his problems by resisting arrest and cursing at the cops.

pizza sign

A local provided this photo, which he said is a sign that was in the restaurant’s window the day after Aycock’s arrest.

A popular pizza owner was busted on August 20 for growing pot in his Beach 97 Street restaurant and then exacerbated his problems with the law by screaming and cursing at cops, flailing his arms and whipping his customers up to act against the arresting officers, according to court papers provided to by Queens District Attorney Richard Brown.

Brown identified the arrested man as Whitney P. Aycock, 43, the owner of Whit’s End on Rockaway Beach Boulevard at Beach 97 Street.

According to the court papers, two patrol cops from the 100 Precinct, Sergeant Bill Ates and Police Officer Timothy Terillion went into the pizza place at about midnight on Saturday night.

The two cops said that they spotted what looked like a marijuana plant in the back room, stating to the court that, as trained and experienced police officers, they recognized it right off.

When Aycock was questioned about the plant, however, he first said that the plant was lemon verbena — “those are herbs,” he said. Later, he said that the plants were really “cat nip,” that he had picked up the plant on the Nassau Expressway.

“You shouldn’t be talking to me,” he yelled. “If it’s anything that not supposed to be, then you should be speaking to the people who sold it to me.”

According to the criminal complaint, Terrillion tried to handcuff Aycock, who “flailed his arms and twisted his body in an attempt to avoid being handcuffed.”

Terrillion added that Aycock screamed and cursed at him, “causing the patrons in the office to gather around the cops, curse and throw obscenities at them.”

A crowd gathered in front of the popular restaurant that is one of the anchors of what are called the new “hipster” restaurants on that strip of Rockaway Beach Boulevard.

The cops added that the crowd surrounded the police car that Aycock was sitting in.

Aycock was arraigned in Queens Criminal Court on charges of unlicensed growing of cannabis, obstructing governmental administration, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

His return date is set for early next month.